Happy Belated Birthday to Everyone! Ushering the New Year with Snakes! ( 蛇字贺年! )

Yesterday,was a special day for all of us-humans. According to Chinese mythology, it was at the seventh day of world creation that the  Goddess, Nu wo (女媧) created human beings. The myth was then passed down and turned into tradition. Now, every seventh day of the New Lunar Year is called-Human day or renri 人日. Chinese all around the world would celebrate this day, as it marks the beginning of human life on Earth.

Click on this link for some details:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renri

Does it amaze you that Chinese mythology actually says that humans were created on the seventh day? Honestly,we don’t think that it is coincidence that other religions like Christianity and Islam share the same idea too. Both the Bible and Quran documents that Adam and Eve were created on the seventh day the world was created. There must be some truth to this fact. But, until now, no scientists or religious authorities had come up with evidence or theories to support such a fact? May be, its up to you(readers) to explain !

Here is two great links of world creation:



As the New Year strolls into high tidings,we from endearingmoments would also wish to spark your artistic flare with our collection of creative snake word calligraphy.














As you can observe through all the calligraphy above, the beauty of calligraphy is in its play of strokesangles and power. Similarly, life is only beautiful if we deliver our strokes of diligence to fight for a better life; if we look at problems, issues and life from a more positive angle; if we empower our loved ones to have a happier life.

Have a nice week starting tomorrow.


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