Enduring Moments for the Endearing Moments

Like the saying goes, no pain no gain.

Being a private leisure blogger previously did not help much in getting closer to being serious monetizing blogger. The road seems long and winding. Yet, a great journey always starts with a single step.

Good place for guidance for new and seasoned bloggers: http://www.dailyblogtips.com

Gonna be tweaking for a while before settling down on one!

Happy Tweaking!


Welcome to our endearing moments :)

It all starts with love !

It all starts with love !


Our very first blog is finally born with a thud and laughter after painstakingly selecting our most desirable domain name.

The process of giving birth to this blog is endearing itself as it marks another meaningful footprint in our life. In this blog, we will be able to share our joyous moments together and spread the happiness across the universe.

A candle is not dimmed by lighting another candle. Instead it brightens up another one.

Hope this blog brightens up your day!