Perks of motherhood #2: Attention seeking behaviour, patience, guilt and dealing with two year olds.

Little Pistachio turns 2y3m today.

You are mummy’s sunshine. You are my little pistahcio. Everything u do gives a spark of joy. Every new things you learn brings me joy. Mummy smiles and praises you each time you achieve or learnt something new.

You must be wondering, 

“Why mummy, arent you happy with what I can do now? “

“Why do you keep asking me to keep quiet?” 

“See mummy, i can sing jingle bells now!”


“Mummy look, i did this!” while carrying two trains of lego, dashing into the room where baby is asleep.


“Mummy i want nen nen.”

“After mei mei ok?”

Whats makes the difference now?

Mummy has less attention to you. You felt the lack of attention and started destroying / throwing things to attract attention. Yup, mummy knows. You want mummy to give you more individualised attention. You want mummy to acknowledge your efforts.

“Yes dear daughter, mummy is very proud of you. It is just that, baby is asleep. If you talk loudly, baby will be awake.” (ingredient to sibling rivalry)

As much as i wanted to raise my voice and scold her to keep back the puzzle pieces she threw everywhere and smashing the train lego she has proudly made to show me, no, i did not. 

I have no grounds to raise my voice. Afterall, it is us, adults, who have changed. Mummy is constantly lack of sleep, under pressure of ensuring newborn has enough – milk, sleep, stimulation, play etc. Not her. She is still her bubbly-ever-chatty-enthusiastic-intriguing-happy child.
I am glad i managed to control my temper and not raise my voice. I am glad i managed to go down to her level, talk nicely with a caring and loving voice on dealing with her throwing her puzzles on the floor.

I am glad she accepted my way of dealing with her and obediently picks up the pieces and we spent sometime doing the puzzle. I taught her how to put the puzzle back in an appropriate place after she has done using it. She is satisfied. Mummy is satisfied too. 

Hopes 2018 will be granted with more patience, love and joy. 

Happy 2years and 3months dear.
MommyLove, Jen.

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