About Us


Fish enthusiast. Art lover. Culinary critic. Born in a small village weaved with numerous rivers, he has a particular passion for fishing and fishes. Anything ‘fishy’ brings sparkle to his eyes. He has exquisite taste for food, enjoys tasting and cooking delicious dishes. He has inborn talent in bringing art to life with the touch of his brush.


Passionate photographer. Time traveler. Nature lover. Grown up in medium sized city, she has a mixture of urban and kampung admiration towards nature’s beauty, both in its kampung style and traveling across borders. She is fascinated by different places and cultures. She loves taking photographs and videos of expressions, capturing every moment of joy and happiness.

Every words we write, every moment we capture is like building a time machine. As we read, we sit in a time machine that will bring us back to the moments of happiness that has brought us here today, inspire us to enjoy life at its present moment and aspire us to bring more happiness in the future. Most of all, is to share these happiness with others and craft more smiles in the people around the world. A candle is not dimmed by lighting another, it only brightens up.

Both of us at endearingmoments sincerely hope you enjoy what we share.

Cheers~! ^^

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