Happy Belated Birthday to Everyone! Ushering the New Year with Snakes! ( 蛇字贺年! )

Yesterday,was a special day for all of us-humans. According to Chinese mythology, it was at the seventh day of world creation that the  Goddess, Nu wo (女媧) created human beings. The myth was then passed down and turned into tradition. Now, every seventh day of the New Lunar Year is called-Human day or renri 人日. Chinese all around the world would celebrate this day, as it marks the beginning of human life on Earth.

Click on this link for some details:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renri

Does it amaze you that Chinese mythology actually says that humans were created on the seventh day? Honestly,we don’t think that it is coincidence that other religions like Christianity and Islam share the same idea too. Both the Bible and Quran documents that Adam and Eve were created on the seventh day the world was created. There must be some truth to this fact. But, until now, no scientists or religious authorities had come up with evidence or theories to support such a fact? May be, its up to you(readers) to explain !

Here is two great links of world creation:



As the New Year strolls into high tidings,we from endearingmoments would also wish to spark your artistic flare with our collection of creative snake word calligraphy.














As you can observe through all the calligraphy above, the beauty of calligraphy is in its play of strokesangles and power. Similarly, life is only beautiful if we deliver our strokes of diligence to fight for a better life; if we look at problems, issues and life from a more positive angle; if we empower our loved ones to have a happier life.

Have a nice week starting tomorrow.


National Lion Dance Competition in Teluk Intan

Lion dance ( 舞獅; wǔshī) is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume. Great efforts and and initiatives by the Chinese community are required to create conducive platforms to  develop new lion dance experts, train young performers and build lion dance fans.

For general info on lion dance do read up at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion_dance

To add up,Malaysia has hosted many a time international lion dance competitions(Southern lion style).And,i’m proud to say,boleh -land has won it for many times too.The team that has always lead the Malaysian team to their glory is Kun Seng Keng Temple Lion dance troupe.Their coach-Mr.Siow Fei Hong has even been dubbed “The Lion King “of Malaysia. Here is their official website-http://www.kunsengkeng.org/

Furthermore,High stilts Lion Dance performance is now listed as a cultural heritage in Malaysia.That’s a colossal achievement,don’t you think?

For those who are interested to know about the lion dance scene in Malaysia,here is their main portal-http://www.long-shi.com.my/index.php

From my own experience,the lion dance was one of the most memorable moments during my childhood years of Chinese New Year celebrations.The lions would enter with much blast and glam while the drums roar through the sky. There would be firecrackers crackling loudly and everyone would be so in awe of the performance.

One of the initiatives done by our local Chinese community MCA, Teluk Intan, in conjuction with the Rapid Mall Setia Intan is the National Traditional Lion Dance Competition(Secondary school level). This year, it was held in Teluk Intan. Being a small town, it was a pleasure to have an event of such a scale to be held here.


Attractive prizes were prepared to encourage participation of younger generations to master the skill of lion dance and pass it on to our future generations to ensure continuity of our culture.


The preparation behind the scenes.


They are secondary school students from SMJK San Min, Teluk Intan, consisting of both female and male.

While the crowd are enjoying the show on stage, the next team are busy preparing for their turn. Cooperation among the team members is one of the important ingredient for success.


The ‘seniors’ guiding and helping the ‘juniors’ during the preparations.


The whole set up of the scene for the competition. Every team has a different set up. This is the set up for the team representing Penang.


It requires good coordination of the drum players and the two dancers.

During the early days, Lion Dance was performed as a skill part of martial arts of Wushu. Nowadays, it has evolved to be a mixture of artistic and skills combined. It takes into account the lion’s expression and the natural movements besides the acrobatic styles and skills during performances. Whether it is performed as a cultural performances or as a stunt during competitions, these are the criteria observed.


For good points, the lion must be able to portray good expressions and emotions to the audiences.


The movements and the facial expressions must match the drum beats, together with skillful, accurate and elegant footsteps.

The next troupe is from Teluk Intan, representing Perak. A good mixture of boys and girls trained in this area shows there is no discrimination between boys and girls.


To be in a lion dance troupe, it requires diligence, discipline and patience. Although this group of students are still young, but they are very well trained.


Faces of confidence and seriousness.


Flag to represent the troupe they are in. This is from the Hoong Tuck Lion Dance Association, Teluk Intan, Perak.


The lion is operated by two person, one holding the head of the lion, while the other acts as the body and tail of the lion. In a lion dance, the performers’ faces are covered.

The "lion" as graceful and playful as a cat.Blinking its eyes,wagging its tail,energetic twists of its body are evidence of the skill of those who are "dancing" it.

The “lion” as graceful and playful as a cat.Blinking its eyes,wagging its tail,energetic twists of its body are evidence of the skill of those who are “dancing” it.


The modern form of lion dances and the new lion dances on the stilts competition are based on the best skilled and most lively ‘lion’ coupled with the most creative stunts, choreographed moves, acrobatics difficulties and heart throbbing rhythmic and pulsating live instruments music to captivate spectators and the judges in the competition.


The neon light in the middle of the head is a variation of the traditional lion’s costume.

It was a trip down memory lane and also a new exciting experience for all who were there.Everyone were mesmerized by the outstanding performances of the contestants.

We salute the young contestants for their endurance and hard-work in keeping such a wonderful culture alive and vivid.We respect the coaches for instilling and imparting their knowledge and wisdom in the traditional dance into a new generation.We are in awe and admiration of the inteliigence and innovativeness of our forefathers for inventing such a wonderful cultural legacy.

But most of all,we hope you could be infected with our zest for culture,art,and LIFE !

Happy reading,and take care,folks.

Fold Some Fun into this Chinese New Year Decoration with Koi Fish!

Weekend is here!! Looking for something to do?

Chinese New Year is also just less than a month away!

Have you started decorating for the auspicious celebration? or Cracking your head on how to decorate your house?

Here’s a great idea for you to try! Just read through this posts and be ready to get your hands “dirty” !

We did this on Monday to be put up on our walls as our decoration for this festive season. It’s really quite a lot of fun.And there was an overwhelming satisfaction seeing the fishes transform from a blank piece of white paper into a life-like fishes. We chose Koi fish as it symbolizes prosperity, good fortune and abundance. In Chinese, we always say Nian Nian You Yu.(年年有余),literally meaning  excess of prosperity every year.The yu ( 余 )here means excess and the word fish( 鱼) in Chinese has the same pronunciation,kind of a play of words. Also, it’s our favorite pet! Look at how lively they are!

Top View of all our dear fishes

Top View of all our dear fishes

We’ll teach you how. But first we need you to prepare some materials first.


1 piece of plain A4 size drawing paper

A pair of scissors

UHU glue( or any strong adhesive glue)

Poster colour

A small brush

Some artistic talent

And lots of creativity!

Here’s the step-to-step basis on how to make these beautiful Koi fishes. Suits our blog theme too!

This is the most important step as it determines the size and shape of the fish. Take note the both sides are preferably of the same size.


Just follow the trace and cut it deliberately.

Just follow the trace and cut it deliberately.

The blank fish is now ready to be painted!

The blank fish is now ready to be painted!

Step 4:  Time to paint the fish and create your personal Koi fishes!! Let your creativity go wild!!

Step 5: Paint the most prominent part of the fish pattern.

Step 5: Paint the most prominent part of the fish pattern.

Step 6: Detailised the scales, fins and the eyes.

Step 6: Detailised the scales, fins and the eyes.

Tadaa!!! The completed Koi fish!

Tadaa!!! The completed Koi fish!

Step 7: Make a few more of different colours and patterns. Here’s the yellow koi fish.

The smiling fish. It makes us smile every time we see this ;)

The smiling fish. It makes us smile every time we see this 😉

The fish is saying :)

The fish is saying 🙂


Our Blackie, yet the cutest of all 😉

According to Feng Shui, a black fish is needed as the part of a group of nine fishes collection to absorb all the negative energies. The positive energy emitted by the other fishes will continue to prosper the family who display the group of nine fishes in a harmonious way.

Our Prettiest Koi fish, the most feminine among all..

Our Prettiest Koi fish, the most feminine among all..

Our Koi fishes having Reunion Meal aka 团年饭 'Tuan Nian Fan' together

Our Koi fishes having Reunion Meal aka 团年饭 ‘Tuan Nian Fan’ together

Our favourite Koi fishes and yours truly :)

Our favourite Koi fishes and yours truly 🙂

Now, you can own these cute prosperous Koi fishes too!

Make it yourself, or you can email us at endearingmoments@hotmail.com to order. Let us know the quantity, color and pattern you want. We will custom make every fishes especially for you @ RM 5 /fish. Purchase 9 fish and we will pack in a quality calligraphy about  A 3 size for free.The fishes will ‘swim’ directly to your doorstep! (At the local delivery charges of course!)

Trivia about Chinese New Year:It is the most important traditional Chinese Festivity known as ‘Spring Festival’ based on the lunar calendar.Reunion dinner 团年饭 ‘Tuan Nian Fan’ (or lunch ) is a must for families on the last day of the previous year.Chinese New Year’s Eve is a day where Chinese families gather for their annual reunion dinner known as Chúxī (除夕), literally “Eve of the Passing Year.” Chinese from all over the world will travel by all means possible to reach their home and participate in this the reunion dinner.