Slow Down, Mummy.

Slow Down, Mummy.

This is not a race to see who finishes faster.

It is a journey, meant to be enjoyed, and savoured every single second of it.

It is a journey to cherish how beautiful life is.

It is a journey to watch how a little human being uncurled from the day he/she was born to the day he/she can see, kick, sit, crawl, stand, walk, run, jump, skip, spin, somersault.

It is a journey to feel the their touch grasp, hold, tug, grab, snatch (when they are older), give, and take.

It is a journey to hear them breathe, blow rapsberries, gurgle, talk one consonant, two consonants, one word, two words, three words, a sentence, a paragraph, hum a song, sing a song, shout, scream and scold (when they are older), praise and love.

It is a journey to be with them as they explore the wide wide world, built their confidence and esteem to experience the amazing mother nature and life.

It is a journey to learn how to let go and prioritise to touch another soul, another human being, another life, all before it is too late.

It is a beautiful journey.


Stop to smell the fragrance of the flower.

Stop to examine the grains in the leaves.

Stop to watch the little ants carry their food home.

Stop to watch the bees nectaring.

Stop to watch the butterflies wings flap.

Stop to listen to the birds hum.

Stop to feel the wind caress our face.

Stop to feel the sweat trickle down your forehead.

Stop to feel the tiny hands reach out for your nose.

Stop to feel the heartbeat skip a beat.

Stop to smile.


A smile for the memorable past. The foundation you have stepped on to be who you are today.

A smile to be able to breathe now. Now that you have the power to be in control, to create better memories.

A smile for a better future which is yet to come. A future to look foward to.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller.

Slow down.

We are all living at our own pace.

MommyLove, Jen

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