Toddler at two: Stalling

One more time, one more time, one more time, please.

Daddy, cover me with blanket please.

Just one more time.

Daddy, come and draw a picture with me.

One more time please.

Stalling, a tactic used by toddler to make you stay longer, play longer. Even if it is just one moment longer.

It is bedtime. Little sister has already dozed off at 7.10pm. Mummy and daddy is obviously exhausted after a long day. Little pistachio is more than excited to see daddy after the whole week of absence. 

Daddy, rock a bye baby please?

Just one last time, will you?

But it never ends. Repeated over and over again for more than twenty times and still no sign of stopping. 

Patience at test.

Scold her if it deemed fit, ya. 

We have agreed on gentle parenting. We try our best not to scold or raise voice to teach a child. Afterall, she was over excited because she has not seen her daddy for a week! It is legit that she is behaving the way she behaves. She misses him. 

What would she feel if she has been waiting patiently for five days for her daddy to return, only to be scolded for showing her glee to meet him?

What scar will it leave in her inner soul? Will she still look forward to his return in the future?

Daddy maintained his composure.

Mummy was figuring a way to save the situation, without hurting the emotions of both parties. 

Suddenly, mummy broke the vicious cycle.

Little Pistachio, i know you are very happy and excited about daddy’s return and obviously you still want to continue playing. However, daddy and mummy is very tired and exhausted already after our long day. Little sister is already sleeping too. Why don’t you continue playing while mummy daddy retires to bed? When you are ready, you can come over to join us ya. Good night darling. Love you baby.

Daddy and mummy lies down to sleep. 

Little Pistachio continues to play for a while. In less than a minute, she came running over to mummy and latches. She dozed off in less than a minute

Yup, in two minutes, she arrived at dreamland, after stalling for more than an hour.

No raising of voices. No scolding. Just calm and peaceful night, with no emotional rollercoaster.

Good nights, darling. Sleep well and grow well. Mummy is proud of you.

MommyLove, Jen

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