Life Lessons #1: Right and WronG

At noon, before lunch, i was chatting with Little Pistachio.

Did you play with gor gor? 

Nodded quietly.

What did gor gor play with you?

Gor gor played messily (乱乱玩)

Did you play with jie jie?

Nodded quietly.

What did jie jie play with you?

Jie jie played messily. (乱乱玩)。Jie jie pushed me (推我)。 Jie jie snatched the toys i was playing (抢我玩具)

Looking sad, she sat on a child-sized rattan chair and played with her lego-made-fan she built earlier. 

These were the words uttered by a 2years 2months 21days child.

Little Pistachio, was obviously being bullied by the 8years old gor gor and her 6years old jie jie.

In the evening, daddy was home.

As usual, the big gor gor jie jie was playing rough. Jie jie was hopping around like a frog. Gor gor was smashing down the jenga tiles over and over again.

Little Pistachio, stood there, stared at them, then looked at daddy. 

Daddy shook his head.

Dear girl, you don’t play rough like them. That is not right. 

Little Pistachio, still quietly looking, said gor gor jie jie luan luan wan.

Old Granpa, who was sitting there resting, stood up and started scolding the gor gor jie jie when the noise went up to an unbearable decibles.

Stop it! That is not how you play! 

Dear girl, see how granpa is scolding them?

That is not the way to play. We don’t throw and smash things. We don’t jump and hop around aimlessly.

Little Pistachio walked away, still uttering luan luan wan.

Even a 2 year old knows what is right and what is wrong, who to mix with and who not to mix with.

Mommy will be less worried to let you attend kindy soon.

I am proud of you, dear girl.

MommyLove, Jen

Success Story #1: Staying dry throughout the day.

2years 2months 21days.

Little Pistachio has successfully remain dry for the day. 


Two days ago, she said she wants to pee. She went into the bathroom on her own, and came out after a minute.

Her pants were off. But the drypantz was still intact.

Obviously she has been trying to take off her diaper pants but failed miserably because it was too tight! 

Yes, we ran out of size. XXL is the biggest size available in the market. 

Yes, mummy has been searching high and low to get a bigger size for you, my dear. Sorry for keeping you so uncomfortable and tight in those undersized drypantz.

I took off her heavily wet diaper pants and she ran to her pee pot. 

After she was done, I asked “Little Pistachio, do you still want to wear the diaper drypantz or would you prefer a plain undies?” while showing her each of the options.

She pointed at the plain undies. 

“So you promise to use the pee pot to pee ok? No more wet pants ya. You already know how to take off your pants. Now you can learn to be dry by day. Clever girl” 

And so, today is her third day of N number of cycles of training – She started refusing diaper since 9months. Diaper poo free since then.

I hope this round will be successful. 

MommyLove, Jen