Success Story #1: Staying dry throughout the day.

2years 2months 21days.

Little Pistachio has successfully remain dry for the day. 


Two days ago, she said she wants to pee. She went into the bathroom on her own, and came out after a minute.

Her pants were off. But the drypantz was still intact.

Obviously she has been trying to take off her diaper pants but failed miserably because it was too tight! 

Yes, we ran out of size. XXL is the biggest size available in the market. 

Yes, mummy has been searching high and low to get a bigger size for you, my dear. Sorry for keeping you so uncomfortable and tight in those undersized drypantz.

I took off her heavily wet diaper pants and she ran to her pee pot. 

After she was done, I asked “Little Pistachio, do you still want to wear the diaper drypantz or would you prefer a plain undies?” while showing her each of the options.

She pointed at the plain undies. 

“So you promise to use the pee pot to pee ok? No more wet pants ya. You already know how to take off your pants. Now you can learn to be dry by day. Clever girl” 

And so, today is her third day of N number of cycles of training – She started refusing diaper since 9months. Diaper poo free since then.

I hope this round will be successful. 

MommyLove, Jen

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