Toddler at two: Done with Naps 1

Come dear, it is nap time. 

No signs of budging. Still screaming away. Still singing away. And the constant chatter is terrifying when you are trying hard to put the younger one to sleep.

Do you want to nap?


Arent you tired?


These conversation happens every other day since 8months ago. Soon it becomes two days no naps, one day nap. Then, three days no naps, one day nap. Last week, the final week of the year 2017 was the final straw – four days no naps, one day nap 30minutes and one day 1.5hour nap.

Napping time is a constant battle eversince the arrival of the little sister. 

A nightmare to me.

Perhaps it is time for her to go without naps. I did some research and found out that she is indeed showing signs that she is done having day naps. 

So new year’s resolution: 

No naptime. 

We shall see how it goes.
MommyLove, Jen

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