One of the days I felt like I am being stretched till the breaking point. Stretch further and I’ll snap.

I need a break.

I need a vacation.

I need a retreat.

I need space.

I need to relax to regain my stretchability.

I need enthusiam.

I need positivity.

I need optimism.

I need creativity.

I need great ideas.

I need kindness.

I need generosity.

I need love.

I need care.

I need laughters.

I need honest communication.

I need beautiful things.

I need to purify my thoughts.

I need to purify my mind.

I need to purify my heart.

I need a complete makeover.

P.s: I need a better haircut. I just had a haircut, and it makes me feel worse than before. Gosh. It is supposed to make me feel better.