FREE tickets to Millionaire Mind Intensive Malaysia 2013

After enjoying almost a month of festivities and holidays, it’s now time to get back to business!

If you guys have read about feng shui of the year of snake, this is a very good year to create some wealth along the way!

Here, we present our first post on financial freedom!

Before we embark into the technicalities of making money, the utmost important aspect to building abundance of wealth is our mind. Yes, your mind. In fact, everything is created in there. Your perceptions about things, your value for things, your feelings towards a person or something.

When we talk about financial freedom, most of the time, the first thing that comes into mind is money.

But, hey, no!

It should be ‘mind’!

Why do we say so?

Because while we may be able to earn hundred billions or trillions of dollars, but if we don’t know how to be ‘free’ then we will never be able to achieve financial freedom.

This is slightly swayed from the literal meaning of financial freedom that refers to having able to live a comfortable or even a luxurious life indefinitely without having to work for money yet money still keep flowing into your bank account.

Some people claimed they are financially free yet they aren’t that free afterall when they have so much worries and fears in their life that they are trapped in the sufferings of existence.

We have read his book by T. Harv, and we can honestly say it is a must read for all.

It’s not about making money, but more of thinking the way a millionaire mind does.

They are now having their event right here in Malaysia from Mar 01, 2013 9:00 AM to Mar 03, 2013 7:00 PM at the Wisma MCA!

We have free tickets in our hands to those who are interested. Contact us for details.



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