How to feed medicine to a toddler without any fuss?

This is one of the nightmares that fears both the kids and parents. Some says force it down the throat.  Some says tie them under the thighs and force it down. Some scares the kid. Do we really have to do this? Does the medicine feeding process be so traumatising to both kiddos and parents? 

Little pistachio rarely falls sick. The major fever was when she had her one year old vaccination jab.  The other time was mommy accidentally dozed off before putting on her pyjamas and covering her with blankets. By the time mommy woke up in shock in the middle of the night,  little pistachio has already fell asleep for more than 5 hours at temperature less than 20°C, half naked. 

Personally I don’t like taking or giving medicine to anyone. Yet,  as a pharmacist, when there is a need to do so,  we shall duly comply, regardless.

How then,  to serve the medicine to a toddler, without much fuss? 

My method is just two simple steps:

1. Make the medicine feeding process as fun and enjoyable as possible. 

2. Involve the kid. Let them do it themselves. 

A toddler should be able to use the syringe by themselves. Or if they still haven’t mastered the syringing process,  guide them or do it together with them.  They love it. 

Follow these steps to a fuss free medicine feeding / serving to a toddler. 

1. Before you feed them medicine:

💉 INTRODUCE the medicine to the toddler. 

 They will be very curious about anything new.  So the introduction is very important. Tell them what is the indication of the medicine. How it can help them.   Nobody likes being forced to take something unusual not knowing the content and purpose of doing so.  

2. During the feeding session:

💉 SHOW them how to syringe out the medicine. If they knew already,  let them do it themselves. 

💉 TELL them the taste of the medicine.  Usually kids syrup has flavouring to mask the bitterness of the medicine.  Depends on the color of the medicine, tell them whether it tastes like raspberry,  apple or any taste they like in particular. 

💉 Most important is never,  ever force it down their throat.  Nobody likes that,  do you?  Never ever traumatise them in the process of feeding.  Never ever scare them with beating or scoldings. Never ever threaten them by taking away their favourites. BIG NO! 

3. After feeding the medicine: 

💉 SMILE! show them how pleased you are that they are one step nearer to recovery. 

💉 PRAISE them for their efforts and courage. 

💉 REINFORCE the benefits of the medicine. Let them know the medicine will make them feel more comfortable and well. 

💉 If they behave really well and satisfying,  you can reward them with their favourite drink or food. Or just a simple cuddle and kiss will do. Kids are very easy to handle.😍

It is of utmost importance to begin the process with a loving and caring manner and tone. A happy tone of voice. 

Once they sense any anger or unpleasant feeling,  you are jeopardising the whole process.  The negative impact can last either just through your the current cycle of sickness OR if you have badly traumatized your kiddo, it might last a lifetime.  You decide.  

Little pistachio will ask for her medicine when the time is up. Inform us that she is unwell. Syringe out her own medicine and feed it into her mouth on her own. Absolutely no forcing.  In fact she enjoys it alot.  I just have to be there to make sure she syringe out the correct amount to avoid overdose or underdose. 

Here’s a video of little pistachio taking her own medicine at 1 year old 8 months: 

Good luck mommies! 

MummyLove,  Jen😊

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