“Mummy, can I have that toy?”

“No you can’t, it’s very expensive!”

“Mummy, can I go to Linda’s birthday party?”

“No, stay home and do your homework. Your exam is coming.”

“Daddy daddy, look, I want to grow up to be an artist!”

“Dear, being an artist can’t earn you much. Study well, enter the university and get a degree. You’ll find a job that pays you well.”

How many times have we come across such conversations with our elderly?

When we were young, we all long for freedom. Freedom to do what we like, freedom to make our own decisions, freedom to go where we want to. As we grew up, we finally get that freedom. That’s when our 21st birthday became one of the most important birthday to most of us – we were given the key that marks the independence from our controlling parents/guardians.

We went on with life to create our own destiny. We studied hard at our tertiary education. Coming from an average family, some of us had to work part time to support ourselves. Finally graduating with a degree and embarked on our first money making job. We were regarded as one of the highest paid job among all freshies. Life felt good, so to speak.

As time passes by, more and more time were spend at work. Less and less time for ourselves and our family. We stayed up whole night for our night shifts. We went on trying to complete our never ending work while forgetting our lunches and dinners. As the work stress grew, we became grumpy and less and less patience. A job that used to be our passion to serve our the needy has become a chore. We drag ourselves up every morning to find ourselves dreading to work. We moan looking at our back to back call and endless reports to submit. We simply despise the working environment and the policies. Yet, we change nothing and go to work still, doing everything that seems to be the right thing to do – things that everyone else are doing!

We thought, by getting our all prestigious degree we will lead a better life. A better future. Yes perhaps, at risking our own health and family time for it. We thought, by getting a bigger figure on our paycheck every month, we are going to be free. As we go on with life, parents demand a new house to stay. Our work demand us to have a car. We have insurance to pay. We have to pay for electricity bills, water bills, internet bills, taxes, petrol etc. Marriage kicks in, babies coming the way. There is no way for us to leave our current job. We say we are independent, we have our own job, our own life. We are free to do what we likes, go where we likes, make our own decisions. Yet, when we want to take that holiday, we have to see the colour of our bosses’ face. We say we want to buy that new Apple TV, yet our paycheck does not allow us to do so.

We may be free from our parents, but we are now chained to our job. We cannot regard this as freedom anymore. This is not freedom. If this is not freedom, then what is freedom? 

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Everyone has a different standard of freedom. The most basic perhaps is the freedom to choose. To have that freedom, we must have that capability and ability to choose. It is not freedom when we have plenty of money, yet have no time to enjoy. It is not freedom too, if we have plenty of time, yet has no money to do what we want. It is not freedom if we have both money and time, but has no health to live the life. It is having enough money, time and health to do what you want, when you want – this is true freedom and true wealth.  Life is all about balance.

Hope you guys are living the life of your own choice, not anyone elses. We have only one life. Appreciate life. Do good. Sieze every moment, cherish the good times and let the bad times be our motivation to be better. It is after knowing the bitterness taste of bad times that we know how to appreciate the sweetness of good times.

If by the time you finished reading this article you have yet to live the kind of life you wished, it’s time to take the right action and work towards it. If you are living the kind of life you have always wished for, then congratulations 🙂

Никогда не сдавайся!!



Best Nasi Lemak & Hokkien Mee in town

Best Nasi Lemak & Hokkien Mee in town.

Best Nasi Lemak & Hokkien Mee in town

With the speedy development around Sungkai area due to the presence of the new “shortcut” to Kuala Lumpur,more and more foodies are thronging the area in search of hidden gastronomic treasures. Honestly,this sleepy hollow of a town does has plenty of fantastic eat outs awaiting to be discovered. We were on our way to Colmar Tropicale,Bukit Tinggi,and upon chance we chose to have breakfast at this little gem of a old kopitiam.

Little antique coffeehouse.The board must be decades old.

Little antique coffeehouse.The board must be decades old.

The name of the shop is Loong Sen Yen,located at Sungkai town.For a map and info on getting to the town do click on our previous food review.

As with all Hainaneese kopitiam( coffeehouse in local dialect),they serve the staple of Malaysian favorite breakfasts. We ordered two of the most popular according to opinions of loyal customers.

Happy posing with the glorious platter.

Happy posing with the glorious platter.

First up- Nasi Lemak (malay) which can be literally translated as fatty rice ! No one knows who exactly invented the dish,or named the dish.But its has been an integral part of the Malaysian food heritage for a long time,even before pre-colonial times. It is now the gold standard of every coffeehouse in Malaysia.If a coffeehouse can’t make good Nasi Lemak,they might as well close shop. It is so ubiquitous and popular,it has become to be symbol of Malaysian cuisine and pride. For example,Pizza=Italy,Sushi=Japan,Curry=India,Nasi Lemak= Malaysia.Some even argue that “if you don”t like Nasi Lemak,you are not a True Malaysian.” But seriously,all Malaysians regardless of race savor a good plate of Nasi Lemak !

Here is a link for those who are interested to know more

Since Malaysia is the homeland of Nasi Lemak.The bar is set skyscraper high.And,surprisingly,this ordinary looking plate shot higher than the KLCC.

Crispy anchovies,zesty sambal,sweet and creamy rice,refreshing cucumber slices-the perfect Nasi Lemak!

Crispy anchovies,zesty sambal,sweet and creamy rice,refreshing cucumber slices-the perfect Nasi Lemak!

Next,we ordered Hokkien mee.( thick noodles hokkien style). This is the signature dish of the shop. The dish consists of think noodles(could be substituted with Udon noodles) ,stir fired in a creamy gravy.The gravy was a splendid mixture of thick soy sauce,sesame oil,some secret seasonings and lard.Both the sliced pork and prawns were cooked just perfectly.And the portion given,was a generous offering considering the price. Another special point is, the whole stir frying process was done with charcoal stove.It might be psychological,but the stir frying on the blazing charcoal was quite dramatic and hence the enhanced taste.

Savoury gravy, al-dente noodles,sweet pork slices, flavourful prwans,crispy carrot and mustard greens all make into a mouthwatering dish.

Savoury gravy, al-dente noodles,sweet pork slices, flavourful prawns,crispy carrot and mustard greens all make into a mouthwatering dish.

To wrap it off,we give this little old Kopitiam a 5 star. Great food,superb hospitality,affordable price,full of beauty of yesteryears. Although it is a little run down,the atmosphere of dining at such an old place,transports you back to the 60s or 70s.The antiques cups,plates,and furniture all exudes a sense of closeness,bringing you down memory lane with each sip of coffee and each spoonful of fragrant Nasi Lemak.

Jen posing in front of our great discovery.What a wonderful breakfast we had. A great memory to cherish.

Jen posing in front of our great discovery.What a wonderful breakfast we had. A great memory to cherish.

Do pay this coffeehouse a visit whenever you guys have the chance.Who knows when the town municipal will tear it down to pave th way for development. If possible,we from endearingmoments would want the local government to preserve the coffeehouse as a local heritage.There are not many antique coffeehouses that still serves great food left in Malaysia,this is definitely one of them.

In the meantime, enjoy !

(Don’t forget to try their steamed bread with kaya .Not to mention,their teh ais and kopi’ o are really great too.)



FREE tickets to Millionaire Mind Intensive Malaysia 2013

FREE tickets to Millionaire Mind Intensive Malaysia 2013.

FREE tickets to Millionaire Mind Intensive Malaysia 2013

After enjoying almost a month of festivities and holidays, it’s now time to get back to business!

If you guys have read about feng shui of the year of snake, this is a very good year to create some wealth along the way!

Here, we present our first post on financial freedom!

Before we embark into the technicalities of making money, the utmost important aspect to building abundance of wealth is our mind. Yes, your mind. In fact, everything is created in there. Your perceptions about things, your value for things, your feelings towards a person or something.

When we talk about financial freedom, most of the time, the first thing that comes into mind is money.

But, hey, no!

It should be ‘mind’!

Why do we say so?

Because while we may be able to earn hundred billions or trillions of dollars, but if we don’t know how to be ‘free’ then we will never be able to achieve financial freedom.

This is slightly swayed from the literal meaning of financial freedom that refers to having able to live a comfortable or even a luxurious life indefinitely without having to work for money yet money still keep flowing into your bank account.

Some people claimed they are financially free yet they aren’t that free afterall when they have so much worries and fears in their life that they are trapped in the sufferings of existence.

We have read his book by T. Harv, and we can honestly say it is a must read for all.

It’s not about making money, but more of thinking the way a millionaire mind does.

They are now having their event right here in Malaysia from Mar 01, 2013 9:00 AM to Mar 03, 2013 7:00 PM at the Wisma MCA!

We have free tickets in our hands to those who are interested. Contact us for details.



Happy Belated Birthday to Everyone! Ushering the New Year with Snakes! ( 蛇字贺年! )

Happy Belated Birthday to Everyone! Ushering the New Year with Snakes! ( 蛇字贺年! ).

Happy Belated Birthday to Everyone! Ushering the New Year with Snakes! ( 蛇字贺年! )

Yesterday,was a special day for all of us-humans. According to Chinese mythology, it was at the seventh day of world creation that the  Goddess, Nu wo (女媧) created human beings. The myth was then passed down and turned into tradition. Now, every seventh day of the New Lunar Year is called-Human day or renri 人日. Chinese all around the world would celebrate this day, as it marks the beginning of human life on Earth.

Click on this link for some details:

Does it amaze you that Chinese mythology actually says that humans were created on the seventh day? Honestly,we don’t think that it is coincidence that other religions like Christianity and Islam share the same idea too. Both the Bible and Quran documents that Adam and Eve were created on the seventh day the world was created. There must be some truth to this fact. But, until now, no scientists or religious authorities had come up with evidence or theories to support such a fact? May be, its up to you(readers) to explain !

Here is two great links of world creation:

As the New Year strolls into high tidings,we from endearingmoments would also wish to spark your artistic flare with our collection of creative snake word calligraphy.














As you can observe through all the calligraphy above, the beauty of calligraphy is in its play of strokesangles and power. Similarly, life is only beautiful if we deliver our strokes of diligence to fight for a better life; if we look at problems, issues and life from a more positive angle; if we empower our loved ones to have a happier life.

Have a nice week starting tomorrow.


The Mighty Snake is Here! Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

The Mighty Snake is Here! Happy Chinese New Year 2013!.

The Mighty Snake is Here! Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

Happy Chinese New Year folks!!!

The long awaited time of the year is finally here!

We, from the endearing moments would like to wish our beloved  readers, our followers, our families, our friends, our colleagues and our business partners, a very happy and prosperous new year! May each and everyone of you be blessed with good times with families, friends and loved ones.

Let the mighty snake year brings us abundance of joy, health and wealth. Open our arms and receive the blessings with much gratitude.

Here is a personally hand-written 福 and hand-made koi fishes to sincerely wish everyone a very happy chinese new year.

祝大家:新年快乐, 心想事成,万事如意,身体健康 ,年年有馀,笑口常开!  蛇年好!


Happy Prosperous Snake Year!蛇年有福!



endearingmoments ♥

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