Happy 2013!

Happy new year folks!

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

It’s the time of the year again where everyone rushes to do their new year resolutions, new year wishes etc.etc. Instead of coming up with a list of things you intend to do, why not lets pull our socks and do it now?

Sometimes there’s no next time, so second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never..

Found this totally powerful card in my friend’s car more than a year ago. These words remain as a powerful reminder whenever I felt like procrastinating.

I used to be a chronic procrastinator, until I read this book called The Power of Now.

Combined with these words, it became a very powerful. My new year resolutions had always remained as it is – new year resolutions – but after reading this book, things are not the same anymore.

Besides, I have the most supportive partner that always keep me going and smiling. People around us are as important in giving us the encouragement to keep going and soar. The birth of this blog is the living proof of it.

As we usher the new year, we would like to proudly announce the launching of our new blog. Do keep in touch with us by dropping in comments and keep following our posts to keep us going. 🙂

All the reminders, the books I read and the people I have around me served only as a reminder. Most importantly, is to actually lift our butts and start taking action. Just like how we did in getting this blog started. Let 2013 be different. Start doing what you love and enjoy every moment of it. Start living like there is no tomorrow. Two thousand thirteen will be a year full of power-packed actions.


p.s: May we suggest that you start by reading this book first! 🙂

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