Perks of motherhood #1

A three month old baby just had a poopolsion. You quickly grabbed the wet wipes and diaper caddy. As you frantically trying to keep all the poos within the cleanable range, somehow some will find its way out of the diaper. You kept pulling the wet wipes and clean as much as you can, and opps, last piece. Damn.

You reached out to the diaper caddy and there, last five pieces. You took one and left four sitting there. Two more days before you have the time to go for grocery shopping. You have an important meeting at work tomorrow. Oh great. You knew a week ago that you need to get your supplies replenished. Yet, being so hands full and work piling, you thought you could wait. Now it is too late.

Have you ever get caught in such a situation? Yes I do. I stay in a small town and I used to travel to the nearby shop to get, only when my supplies run ultra low. I dont stock them as it takes up space and makes my house looks like a warehouse. 

Ever since the creation of e-commerce, it never happen anymore. The solution: online shopping!

Who agrees that online shopping is one of the best creation? Me

It literally saved me a whole lot of hassle and time and frustration and stress and backache carrying a baby and dragging a toddler to shop alone – the list goes on.

As easy as a click, you get all you need, delivered directly to your doorstep. Milk, diaper, breastmilk storage bags, wet wipes – you named it. You dont even need to change your clothes. You can literally do it while you poop! 

Having that said, shopping at a reliable and trustworthy websites is of utmost important. You do not get to touch or feel the things before you buy. You rely fully on the trust of the seller to give you the best quality. What if they dont? It is going to be a heachache and extra cost to do an exchange or a refund. Well, you dont want that to happen. Especially when online shopping is meant to ease our burden.

I am very careful with where I shop. I only shop at a genuine store and has high payment security in place. Once I shopped at a shaddy website, obviously lured by great products and offers, I ended up calling the Visa Call Centre to get my card revoked and worried for the rest of the night. Or weeks. 

So, dear mummies especially, while you frantically googled to find the best websites to purchase your items, check properly! 

One of my Favourite Shopping Place haha..

This is my favourite online place to shop for baby products. Simple, plenty of choices, fast and accurate. Well, you can go ahead and try. Trust me, you will fall in love with it. 

MommyLove, Jen

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