Tandem nursing #1: A victorious day 

I have been tandem nursing since the day my second baby was born. 

Heck, days were not easy as it seems to be!

A victorious day is always a day where both the babies get to fall asleep at the same time, by myself and I get an hour of peace. All to myself. That feeling, is precious. That solitude, is precious too. 

These days are as rare as tanzanite. By far, I only have twice of such a day in four months. The rests? They are either, hair pulling, stressful, depressed, overtired – you name it. One pair of hands, two kiddos, in the same room is no joke. Especially when my toddler is a constant chatter.

The push factor to keep doing despite the mega level of stress – the bonding I get with them, the bonding I get between them. It is when they hold hands to sleep together I feel all pain, tiredness and exhaustion melts away with my heart to be replaced with a smile.

Sometimes, it is just that 30 minutes of peace and stillness that I need to rewire and flex myself back to sanity. A chance to shut my eyes and watch my breathing. 

How was it accomplished?

1. Make sure little sister is in deep sleep.

2. Let little pistachio plays on her own / with you while getting the younger sister into the deep sleep state. 

3. Once little sister is in deep sleep, get the elder one to sleep as quickly as possible. 

That’s it. Now i can sleep too.


MommyLove, Jen

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